Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about the TAP scheme and website. Click the questions to show the answer.

How do I get a TAP card?

Sign up for an account online and once you have uploaded a suitable passport style photograph of yourself we can then send your TAP card.

Uploading a Profile Photo

To upload a profile photo, login to TAP then from the left hand menu select the 'profile' tab. Listed on this page should be a 'profile photo' link. Clicking this will take you to a screen which shows your current profile photo.

Click 'Upload Profile Photo' from the right hand menu where you can select an image from your computer. This image must be;

You will be notified when your photo has been accepted and your card is due to be delivered.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password using our form accessible from the homepage under the login form or by clicking this link

How are my records verified?

Records are independently verified to prevent misuse of the system. As soon as you add a record a request is sent for verification.

How do I search for a TAP user?

There are several ways to search for a TAP user, firstly a search can be performed using the text box in the centre of the homepage. To serach simply enter the ID number from the TAP card into the search box, this usually looks something like '0013YR1'.

Alternatively, when logged in there is a search link on menu located on the top of the screen, this will bring up a popup box that you can type TAP card ID to access further information.

Finally if you have a smart phone to hand scanning the QR code on the card will take you to the corresponding profile page.

Note that with any of these methods if you are not logged in you may not have required access to view the profile.

What information can I add?

How do I upload a document?

Documents such as training records and insurance certificates can be uploaded to the system using our uploader. Documents can be uploaded as a PDF or Microsoft Word (.DOC) document. To Upload a Training Record;

  1. Login to TAP
  2. Click the 'Training' tab from the left hand side menu
  3. Click 'Add Training' on the right hand menu
  4. Enter the details of your training course, clicking next to move on.
  5. On the certificate screen there there is an input field for a document, click 'Browse' to upload a document from your computer.
  6. Choose your security settings and complete the form by clicking OK.

Can I get a replacement Card?

Replacement cards can be requested by contacting us

How secure is your system?

Our system has many advanced level security features including hardware authentication tokens, row level encryption as well as traditional role based security methods. Privacy options can be set by the user.

The highest security options are not enabled by default as if used incorrectly, a forgotten password or repeated entry of a wrong password could make it impossible to decrypt the record. If this happens, there is no way we can recover the data.

What do the Security Settings mean?

Security Profiles allow you to change who can see your information